Pizzas con mucha calle


Your pizza fav

Your fav pizza

Pizza anyone? Yes, you. That's why you're here. So, we won't tell you that at Papizza we have been preparing handmade pizzas for almost a century, since 1931 to be precise, when Carmelo Maglia's recipes were a hit in Biancavilla, Sicily. Nor that we arrived in Spain in 2006 and since then we have continued to grow and win over our customers' stomachs. Crazy, really.

Okay, okay, no more messing around, since we know what you're here for, you might like to know: at Papizza our signature product is the Pinsa. The what? Well, it's the belle of the ball. A mixture of natural vegetable flours from soy, rice and wheat, fused with olive oil in a looong fermentation process, 72 hours of fermentation, no less. The result is a lighter, more moist, crunchy and digestive dough that your stomach will be screaming for. The best part? You can enjoy it at your own pace and whenever you want, that's why it's our 24/7 temptation. A must stop wherever you are coming from and wherever you are going to. And now that we can see you drooling, all you have to do is choose your favorite.

Pinsa your way

Create your perfect pizza with your 3 favorite ingredients in a few simple steps. It’ll be ready in just a few minutes and all that’s left is to say “Bon appetit”!

First, choose the sauce you want to cover the pizza base. It's the magic touch that takes everything to the next level.

Second, combine the ingredients you like the most and don't forget the sauce! It's the magic touch that takes everything to the next level.

Third, and this is our part, we'll prepare your pizza!

All that's left is for you to enjoy, wish you'd found us earlier and look for the perfect time to order another pizza.

Pinsa your way, just how you like it

Pizza by the slice, slice up your life!

Pizza by the slice

Walking into a Papizza is like traveling to your favorite corner of the Mediterranean where you can enjoy its most delicious flavors and aromas.

Our pizzas by the slice, or al taglio, as they say in beautiful Italy, are waiting for you. Forget about triangles! Feel the temptation squared with 100% natural ingredients and baked on griddles to feel the ultimate pizza pleasure.